The Singapore Kosong Plan is a commitment that brings businesses, organisations and individuals together to help achieve a low carbon, climate-resilient Singapore.

To do this, we need net-zero emissions by 2050

The term ‘Kosong’, which means zero in Malay, is a colloquial word used to describe our local favourite beverage like Kopi O Kosong (meaning coffee only without sugar). Inspired by the concept of living less, the Singapore Kosong Plan aims to encourage climate actions that we can partake in everyday.

As an individual or business, you can start today by making your own Singapore Kosong Plan!

What does Net-Zero Emissions mean for Singapore?

The wildfires, floods, droughts and major storms of the past year are already signs of more catastrophic climate events to come. By 2030, the number of people impacted by such events could increase by almost 50 per cent, according to UN estimates.

To ensure that we stay within the threshold, the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) urges every country to reduce carbon emissions to reach net-zero by 2050.

Net-zero emissions refer to the situation where the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere is the same amount removed from the atmosphere.


For Singapore to achieve net-zero emissions, we need to rely on renewable energy for the power sector and reduce domestic emissions through energy-efficient technology, carbon capturing and other measures. Emissions that cannot be reduced domestically will have to be offset beyond our borders.

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